Branding Service in Healthcare and Coaching Providers to Best Communications

Why it’s necessary to create a culture of service for every touch point within the system – including and especially with providers.

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Corrigan Consulting will help you drive growth, strengthen competitive performance and improve business outcomes.

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How to Convert Data into Intelligence

Three lessons to discovering real insight

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Consulting Solutions

Uncover your competitive strategy, develop a deliberate plan to grow your market share, and create a compelling brand promise which includes a plan for execution.

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Industry Insights

Dive into strategy, explore brand leadership, examine marketing management and discover the forces shaping the future of healthcare marketing and strategy.

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Let us lead you through education, training and workshops to evolve your team into peak performance in today’s technology-driven healthcare marketing environment.

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Customers Are In Charge of Path to Purchase More Than Ever Before

Think with Google recently shared “How Search Enables People to Create a Unique Path to Purchase.” In it, they suggest digital technology is shifting customers’ journeys to purchase (and beyond). While the article doesn’t cover healthcare specifically, it does share clickstream data across several other purchase categories. The article also offers some remarkable statistics such… Read More

The Journey to CRM: 7 Key Points to Consider

We’re not the marketers we were ten years ago. We’re taking the tools we have in front of us and are constructing them to be more targeted. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the foundation for the way we’ll do marketing in the future…and the future is now. CRM is not a tool or a vendor… Read More

Six Trends in Healthcare Content Marketing for 2019

In reviewing several recent posts from non-healthcare publications, I began to consider, what should we expect in the content marketing world for healthcare marketing for 2019? The world of content marketing is rapidly changing. As healthcare marketers, it is important that we have focus and consider the trends that other businesses will also experience. First,… Read More

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