Branding Service in Healthcare and Coaching Providers to Best Communications

Why it’s necessary to create a culture of service for every touch point within the system – including and especially with providers.

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How to Convert Data into Intelligence

Three lessons to discovering real insight

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Uncover your competitive strategy, develop a deliberate plan to grow your market share, and create a compelling brand promise which includes a plan for execution.

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Dive into strategy, explore brand leadership, examine marketing management and discover the forces shaping the future of healthcare marketing and strategy.

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Playing the Match Game: Successfully Selecting a CRM Vendor Partner

So you think you’re ready to implement a CRM system, but are you sure? There are a few things to consider before you begin your search for that perfect CRM vendor partner. Do you have a well-articulated strategy and set of goals? This is essential! Have you created a multi-disciplinary project team? This team will help you guide the… Read More

Avoiding CRM Pitfalls

Customer Relationship Management has the potential to transform healthcare marketing (and is already doing so). With CRM you can more effectively focus marketing investments on the right customers, lower the expense of patient acquisition, create loyal brand advocates and track return on investment. The bottom line is…CRM is good for the bottom line. Yet many… Read More

Super Pricey List Pulls

As promised in a previous blog, we’re digging a little deeper into the data from the 4th Annual State of Digital Healthcare Marketing Report. If you haven’t downloaded your copy of the Greystone report yet, do it now – it’s incredibly interesting and is full of thought-provoking charts and graphs. Today we’re looking at some… Read More

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