Branding Service in Healthcare and Coaching Providers to Best Communications

Why it’s necessary to create a culture of service for every touch point within the system – including and especially with providers.

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Corrigan Consulting will help you drive growth, strengthen competitive performance and improve business outcomes.

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CRM Workshop March 21-22, 2018 Portland, OR

Are your CRM investments living up to expectations? If not, this workshop is for you.

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Consulting Solutions

Uncover your competitive strategy, develop a deliberate plan to grow your market share, and create a compelling brand promise which includes a plan for execution.

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Industry Insights

Dive into strategy, explore brand leadership, examine marketing management and discover the forces shaping the future of healthcare marketing and strategy.

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Professional Advancement

Let us lead you through education, training and workshops to evolve your team into peak performance in today’s technology-driven healthcare marketing environment.

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Playing the Match Game: How to Successfully Select a CRM Vendor Partner | Part 1: Getting Started

This is a three-part blog to educate and assist you in successfully choosing a CRM vendor partner. Part 1 covers the basics of CRM and getting started. Part 2 will focus on preparing your organization for finding a partner, identifying what to look for in a CRM partner and understanding the wide array of vendor… Read More

Purposeful Rounding: Pitfalls and Promises

The dreaded call light. Patients have a need, press the call button, and expect an immediate response. Understandably, nurses and care staff feel the pressure to oblige. After all, patient satisfaction scores are tied to reimbursements, and customers will share their dissatisfaction very publicly on social media and consumer rating sites. Unfortunately, the call light… Read More

Winning on Customer Experience.

Customer experience is now a C-suite priority for healthcare organizations as greater competition, demands for information transparency, and growing consumer power are forcing providers to seek new sources of competitive differentiation. Yet many struggle to define, design and deliver valued customer experiences (beyond HCAHPS) that drive brand differentiation and customer loyalty. Join me at the… Read More

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Are Your CRM Investments Living Up to Expectations?

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