Considerations for Selecting a Digital Patient Engagement Platform

So you know you want a digital patient engagement platform – one that builds deeper patient relationships while retaining lifetime value for your organization. Budget, time and resources will obviously play a role in your decision. But what else should you consider when selecting a digital patient engagement partner for your hospital or health system?… Read More

Fish Where the Fish Are

When was the last time you watched a video on YouTube? Last week? Yesterday? This morning? Right before reading this blog? YouTube is the second largest search engine and third largest social media network in the world. Is your health system running ads on YouTube? Does your hospital have a robust (and engaging) video library… Read More

The New (and Different) Expectations of Millennials and Gen Z

If you participated in our recent webinar, you know we focused on five trends to watch for in digital healthcare marketing. The topics we touched on are especially important when it comes to Millennials (born 1981-1996) and Generation Z (born 1997 to present). As Antonella Bonanni, CMO at Cognizant, points out in her recently published… Read More

Marketing’s Important Role in Patient Experience

Designing and delivering a unique and authentic customer/patient experience should not just develop by happenstance. Marketers have the important role of making sure patient experience aligns with the organization’s brand and value proposition. Corrigan Consulting President and CEO Brian Whitman outlines seven essential elements for achieving exceptional patient experience in his latest article published by the… Read More

Great Idea! (or) Yes! (or) I Don’t Think So.

I start typing a sentence, and my Gmail attempts to finish it. Have you noticed the artificial intelligence in use in your Gmail account? At first I was totally bothered by the new AI feature – it felt creepy and, well, just wrong. Little by little, I’ve grown comfortable with it – even appreciative when… Read More

Blurred Lines: The Ethics of Healthcare Marketing

Corrigan Consulting Founder Karen Corrigan was part of a panel presentation, “Blurred Lines: Marketing and Ethics in the Brave New World” at HCIC last fall. Moderator Daniel Fell adapted the presentation into two articles for Part 1 addresses ethical issues and current practices. Part 2  covers emerging challenges and what healthcare marketers can do… Read More

Email Metrics Matter

Return Path recently released a whitepaper on “The 2019 Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability.” It contains interesting insights into the metrics marketers should be looking at such as messages marked as spam, messages read, messages deleted before reading (ignored), messages forwarded or replied to, and messages marked as “not spam.” The report goes on to… Read More

Seven Keys to CRM Success (or How to Be a CRM Bad@ss)

Customer Relationship Management is game-changing technology for healthcare marketing. Is your hospital or healthcare system ready for CRM and all it entails? Are you ready to be a CRM bad@ss? Here we offer seven keys to a successful CRM journey: Have a clear and precise vision and strategy. Spend the time it takes up front… Read More

Playing the Match Game: Successfully Selecting a CRM Vendor Partner

So you think you’re ready to implement a CRM system, but are you sure? There are a few things to consider before you begin your search for that perfect CRM vendor partner. Do you have a well-articulated strategy and set of goals? This is essential! Have you created a multi-disciplinary project team? This team will help you guide the… Read More

Avoiding CRM Pitfalls

Customer Relationship Management has the potential to transform healthcare marketing (and is already doing so). With CRM you can more effectively focus marketing investments on the right customers, lower the expense of patient acquisition, create loyal brand advocates and track return on investment. The bottom line is…CRM is good for the bottom line. Yet many… Read More