Ready to Launch? Check Again.

As marketers, we get excited about launching new campaigns to reach new consumers and attract new patients. The creative is fresh and compelling; the media buy is brilliant. But are you really ready?  Will your brand deliver the experience it promises to create through communication? If not, maybe you’re not ready to launch. A client… Read More

Right Message, Right Time…and on the Audience’s Terms

“Knowing when your audience is most receptive, those moments when you can really capture someone’s attention or change their mind, and then meeting them there with the right message: that’s the next frontier.” – Laura Beaudin, Partner, Bain & Company Are you meeting your audience/customers/patients at their most receptive time? And when you meet them… Read More

Are You Building a Digital Savvy Team?

In the coming year, 82% of CMOs are expecting to increase their digital media budgets, whereas only 30% said they are expecting to increase their traditional media budgets. While these results represent for-profit industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods and the like, the implications are clear across all industries. The “CMOs’ Most Important Media… Read More

From Customer to Patient—an Important Journey for Every Practice to Understand

In healthcare, we always speak to how “we provide patient-centered care.” It makes a difference; however, rarely do you see it done right. When you do, you understand immediately that this is the experience all patients deserve. As a physician or a practice leader, there are ways to continuously evaluate and improve your practice. Recently,… Read More

New Age Threshold Could Save Thousands of Lives

The American Cancer Society is recommending colorectal cancer screening at age 45 instead of waiting until age 50, a threshold long endorsed by many other medical groups. Does your organization have a plan to identify and market to the “new” 45-50 age population now recommended to receive colorectal cancer screenings? Learn more about the new guidelines… Read More

Postmortem: The ABCs of Getting Fired with One Seriously Bad Tweet

MarketWatch’s Quentin Fottrell gets it right in his article, “Like Roseanne, all Americans are just one bad tweet away from being fired.” Tweeting can upend your life, and it doesn’t matter who or what you are. Consequences are swift and mostly unforgiving when it comes to social media. Six lessons to consider about Roseanne Barr’s… Read More

Alive and Thriving: Rural Kansas Hospital Delivers Success

Think building a booming OB service line in a rural hospital is impossible? Think again. Read this case study for the innovative strategies one CEO deployed to make this success story a reality. Read More

Alexa, I Need to See a Doctor Today

According to CNBC, Amazon is building a team that’s planning to do a deeper dive into the healthcare arena. Leaked earlier this month, the internal document suggests Amazon is creating a “health & wellness” team of over one dozen individuals. What’s the plan? To take that Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or other Alexa voice-assisted… Read More

What’s in a Question?

As marketers and strategists, census data serves as the foundation to understand the healthcare demand in our market and identify what marketing efforts will be most effective in target populations. As many are aware, there is controversy about a new question for the 2020 census regarding citizenship status. Regardless of opinions on the census question,… Read More

Go See Someone: The Importance of Face-to-Face Meetings

This week the partners and consultants of Corrigan Consulting had the rare opportunity to all be in one place at the same time. We carved out time from our busy (hectic!) schedules and spent two days together learning, strategizing, synergizing and, well, bonding. Michael Massari, Caesars Entertainment Senior Vice President of Meetings and Events and… Read More