Consulting Solutions

Just as DNA holds the code for how we develop and function as humans, a comprehensive plan contains information essential for healthcare marketing decisions and achieving healthy returns on marketing investments. Rather than chasing trends and oiling the squeakiest wheel, a well-researched, coordinated and measurable approach allows you to build a strategic roadmap for implementation. Corrigan Consulting will partner with you to help your organization uncover your competitive strategy, develop a strategic plan to grow your market share, evaluate and develop a compelling brand promise including a plan for execution, as well as, help you evolve your marketing team into peak performance in today’s technology driven healthcare marketing environment. We deliver solutions for clients of all sizes and maturity from large physician groups to multi-hospital integrated health systems in multiple states. Let’s talk about what challenges you are facing and how we can bring a solution to your team.

Competitive Strategy – Do you know what makes your organization unique compared to your competitors? Do you have a plan for how to maximize that differentiator to achieve optimum market share and volumes for your service lines or facilities?

Brand Strategy — Do you know what’s important to your customer? Do you know how they view your organization against the competition? Discover how their experience with your brand impacts their view.

Service Line Growth & Planning – Is your strategy closely attuned to your customer’s needs, wants, and healthcare spending priorities? Do you have an integrated plan to formulate marketing strategy and prioritize marketing investments to achieve volume and revenue goals?

Marketing Operations & Performance – Do you have the right people? Are they doing the right jobs?