MARTech Workshops

Keeping up with today’s marketing platform technologies is no easy task. Gaining C-suite endorsement engaging IT, finance and other key business functions is critical to your success. Corrigan Consulting is here to help you learn how to garner support with organizational leadership as you select, implement and optimize the marketing technology solution that meets the needs of your organization.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a system for the first time, want to select a new vendor, are muddled in the throes of implementation or aren’t getting the results you hoped for we are here to help guide you and your team through educational sessions, facilitated discussions and open dialogue on:

  • How do I craft a vision and strategy in my health system?
  • How do I pick the right solution and vendor?
  • What changes will I have to make in the marketing department?
  • How can I ensure we’re getting the most out of our system?
  • How do I get my marketing technology strategy back on track?
  • What can I learn from other industries that have used these technologies for many years?

Join Us March 21-22, 2018 in Portland, OR for our CRM Workshop.

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