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SHSMD Connections 2017

Make your plans to join our CEO Karen Corrigan as she speaks at the Annual SHSMD Conference on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 8:30a. She will be presenting with Kathy Divis, President of Greystone.Net
Marcom to Martech: What CMOs Must Do to Succeed in 2017 & Beyond
The technology landscape changed immensely in 2016 and continues to race ahead in 2017. And the more things change, the harder it is for marketers to keep up. Through this session, gain an understanding of the evolutionary impact of transitioning from a MarCom to a MarTech focus, learn about current influencers of digital transformation, strategy and marketing and what CMOs must do well in 2017 to succeed; understand how these changes impact key responsibilities (e.g., patient experience, revenue growth, brand management, etc.); and leave with a framework for using these changes to benefit your organization.
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21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC)

Make your plans to join Karen Corrigan as she speaks at HCIC on Wednesday, October 25 at 10:15 am. Karen will be moderating a panel with Christopher Catallo, SVP/General Manager, Healthgrades Hospital Solutions; Laura Lee Jones, CEO, LionShare, Inc.; Brian O’Connor, VP Enterprise Technology, Evariant; Michael Sengbusch, SVP/General Manager, Influence Health; and Jody Spusta, VP, Tea Leaves Health

Their topic:  CRM 2020: What You Need to Know and Do Now to Be Ready for the Next Decade
What will the future bring to the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and how will it change the way health systems approach marketing, customer engagement, business development, population health and clinical operations? This session will engage experts from the nation’s leading healthcare CRM providers to explore the trends, new technologies and emerging applications that healthcare marketers should be thinking about now. Join the discussion and learn to take your CRM strategy forward into the next generation.     Make your plans to join Carla Bryant as she speaks at the 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 1:45p.  She will be presenting with Selima Khan, Vice President, Marketing Communications at Memorial Healthcare System and Mike Schneider of Greystone.Net. Their topic:  Playing the Match Game: How to Successfully Select a CRM/PRM Vendor Partner The selection of a CRM/PRM partner is a decision that affects an organization on many levels and for many years. It impacts staffing, budget, workload and ultimately success. Picking the right vendor creates a partnership that results in a CRM/PRM system that plays well with legacy systems (operational and marketing) and generates documented value to the organization. Picking the wrong vendor, however, can make your life miserable and jeopardize results. But objectively determining the difference between a good and bad match can be confusing, difficult, time-consuming and often complicated. Hear how Memorial Healthcare used a requirements-based RFP process paired with a disciplined demonstration process to find its best-fit CRM/PRM vendor partner.     Make your plans to join Brian Whitman as he speaks at the 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 3:30p.  He will be presenting with Aimee Quirk, CEO InnovationOchsner and Phil Marshall, MD of Conversa. Their topic:  Text Message from Dr. Brown: Stella, How Are You? What's Your Blood Pressure Today? Chronic disease patient populations require a lot of attention and create many demands on the providers managing their care. What if health systems could utilize technology to push messages, check in with patients and manage their care between scheduled appointments? Learn how health systems are exploring these solutions and the benefi ts of such interactions to the patient and the provider. Hope to see you in Austin in October!
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