Do You Do Video?

As the father of three kids in the 18-to 24-year-old category, the Pew Research Center statistic that 94% of them utilize YouTube resonates strongly with me. As video is becoming the leading format of communication on the internet, the need to incorporate digital video marketing into any marketing and communications plan is becoming more and more apparent.

There are three potential hindrances as to why many marketers shy away from video:

  1. Video has the perception of more work and more cost to create.
  2. The metrics are tougher to measure.
  3. We’re used to the instant gratification of click-thru ads where cost per acquisition is known in a matter of days.

But according to David Rodnitzky, CEO at 3Q Digital, performance marketers who continue to write off video marketing are likely making a career-limiting decision. “If you’re ignoring online video, you’re literally missing billions of opportunities to engage with people,” he writes.

I hope you’ll take some time to read David’s article, “Why It’s Time for Search Engine Marketers to Become Video Marketers,” and watch the accompanying video – one of the latest offerings from Think with Google. You’ll learn why the three hindrances above aren’t necessarily the tough obstacles you think they are.

There are several examples of healthcare-related videos garnering national attention – and seeing results – too. Take, for example, the video, “How to Calm a Crying Baby – Dr. Robert Hamilton Demonstrates ‘The Hold.’” This simple video sharing a baby-soothing technique was shot right in Dr. Hamilton’s office. It currently has more than 27 MILLION views.

David’s article provides a perfect lead in to Corrigan Consulting’s upcoming offering from The Studio. In our first Intensive this fall, we’ll cover Brand Journalism: an Immersive Experience.  Leading brands are building their own media functions, capable of engaging target audiences across an ever-growing span of traditional and digital communications channels – including video.

Consider the chart below showing the Top Ten Most Loved Global Brands on Social Media shared by with data collected through NetBase:

The future of brands is contextual, purpose-driven and participatory. There are new rules of relevancy and immediacy. Is your brand ready for digital? Video? AI? Voice search? Is your department prepared to plan, develop and manage content that makes a difference?

I hope you’ll plan to join us November 12 and 13 as we deep dive into Brand Journalism. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at with questions about The Studio, our Intensives, or ways Corrigan Consulting might partner with you to help your brand reach its full potential.