Meet Your New Competitor…Amazon

Amazon isn’t known for getting into an industry and doing what existing companies are doing. They innovate. They get creative. They utilize pioneering methods to disrupt an existing industry. With healthcare being a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and ripe for transformation, it’s no wonder Amazon is jumping into the mix.

In October, the Forum for Healthcare Strategists posted an article authored by Corrigan Consulting’s President and CEO Brian Whitman in their quarterly Healthcare Strategy Alert newsletter. The article, “Meet Your New Competitor…Amazon” offers five strategies to ready yourself for Amazon’s foray into the healthcare realm. They include:

  1. Work with Operations to Define Your Online Clinical Strategy
  2. Work with Operations for Price Transparency
  3. Consider Strategic Alliances
  4. Be Where Your Customers Are
  5. Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying (Especially Online) and Optimize Your Digital Presence.

Are you ready to take the lead in helping the C-Suite comprehend Amazon’s entry into the market? To help give you a head start, check out the full article.