Super Pricey List Pulls

As promised in a previous blog, we’re digging a little deeper into the data from the 4th Annual State of Digital Healthcare Marketing Report. If you haven’t downloaded your copy of the Greystone report yet, do it now – it’s incredibly interesting and is full of thought-provoking charts and graphs.

Today we’re looking at some of the CRM data. Interestingly, while 60% have a CRM system, only 12% report that their CRM and website are well integrated while 21% say there is no website/CRM integration and they have no plans to integrate them…

CRM and website integration really speaks to the good promise of what CRM has to offer, and it’s a very logical integration point. So why are so few of us in healthcare taking advantage of this important component of CRM?

Also an interesting stat from the report: a whopping 20% are planning to change their CRM system in 2019 – that means one in five healthcare systems or hospitals that have already gone through the painstaking process of CRM selection and implementation are going to do it again with a replacement system. Why?

We think some of the answers may be gleaned from this slide:

See that up there in the first slot – list pulls. Collectively the thing we are using our CRM for the most (at 77%) is list pulls. And it’s up seven percent over the previous year. A hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars CRM system is a really expensive way to get lists. And note the drop from last year in using CRM for ROI reporting as well as performance monitoring.

The point of bringing up these statistical examples: hospitals and healthcare systems simply aren’t getting out of their CRM what they thought they would – and it’s likely not the CRM system that is to blame.

Is your organization taking full advantage of your CRM? How so? And if not, why not? Often times the major missing component is having an effective strategy in place to drive your CRM efforts. We can help with that. Drop us a line to let us know what’s working, what’s not or how we might be able to assist you –