How to Do Healthcare in Social Media Right

James LaCorte is the Social Media Manager for Blue Cross North Carolina. In this insightful Social Pros Podcast, James shares his insights on, “How to Do Healthcare Social Media Right.”

In the podcast you’ll hear:

  • The importance of collaboration between the social team and traditional marketing team.
  • Why you should reuse and re-purpose content.
  • The various ways to use social as strategy.
  • Ways to develop a successful and engaging employee ambassador program (start slowly with those who are truly engaged!).
  • The myriad challenges we all face in a regulated industry (take care with protected health information!).
  • Why you should let your ambassadors be true to their own voice.

Give it a listen!

“We can push our own messaging all day long, but as ambassadors start publishing their own content in their own voice, that’s the messaging that people gravitate to.”

Does your health system have a social strategy? Do you have the structure in place to create a truly engaged employee ambassador program? Do you have the right talent in the right roles? We can help with that! Drop us a line at