Customers Are In Charge of Path to Purchase More Than Ever Before

Earlier this year, Think with Google shared “How Search Enables People to Create a Unique Path to Purchase.” In it, they suggest digital technology is shifting customers’ journeys to purchase (and beyond). While the article doesn’t cover healthcare specifically, it does share clickstream data across several other purchase categories.

The article also offers some remarkable statistics such as: 84% of Americans are shopping for something in any given 48-hour period and 63% of shopping occasions begin online. We know that rings true with healthcare, too. Just last year, the article “More People Search for Health Online” shared Pew Internet & American Life Project findings which revealed that 80% of internet users have performed an online health-related search.

Despite the fact that healthcare isn’t one of the Think with Google article’s categories, much may be gleaned from the content – specifically in the key takeaways summed up as be there, be useful and be quick. Check it out.