Facts and Stats: the Importance of Customer Service

While doing research for a client recently, we stumbled across this creative and fun – yet worthwhile – article from Help Scout, 75 Customer Service Facts, Quotes & Statistics. Within it you’ll find useful information to help sell your case for marketing efforts toward an improved customer experience (in addition to simply discussing your HCAHPS scores).

Topics include:

  • The Cost of Bad Customer Service
  • The ROI of Great Customer Service
  • What Customers Think
  • Power in a Personal Touch
  • The Social Graph
  • Customer Service Channels
  • The Best of the Best
  • Great Quotes.

How is your health system’s patient experience (customer service)? Does your brand strategy convey your commitment to the patient experience? How are you using customer service to keep the patients you already have? Have you considered journey mapping to identify patient experience pain points? Corrigan Consulting can help – drop us a line at info@CorriganConsulting.com.