Five Things that Must Be in Your Marketing Stack TODAY

This past May at the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit, Corrigan President and CEO Brian Whitman presented “Innovate Your Marketing in a Technology-Driven World” alongside Ochsner Health’s Brittany Graffagnini and Banner Health’s Chris Pace.

Within the presentation was a slide with Five Things that Must Be in Your Marketing Stack TODAY. From a marketing operations standpoint, these are the must-haves that should be in place today in order to make sure you can even basically meet consumer needs. We share them with you here – along with the anecdotal responses in the room of how many have each of these five in place.

Five Things that Must Be in Your Marketing Stack TODAY

  • Mobile First Content Management Systems – we’ve heard this for years and yet only about two-thirds of the room responded they have mobile first CMS with scalability, search performance and interactivity.
  • Personalization/Marketing Automation – a way to differentiate your “keep in touch” and to display different content depending on a consumer’s entry point. Only about one-third of the workshop attendees have this in place currently.
  • Online Presence Management – reputation management and monitoring and responding to reviews and social media mentions. About half the room has this in place.
  • Guided Selling Tool/Lead Management – utilizing lead scoring to identify which leads are best and most likely to close. Only one attendee in the room is currently utilizing this tool. According to Brian, “retail is going to eat our lunch on this!” as retail enters the healthcare space; because they understand the patient, they know where the pain points are and they engage in micro moments.
  • Data Analytics/Data Management Platform – identifying what makes one patient/customer more profitable than another and understanding which marketing tactics are most cost effective. Again, a paltry one-third of the room is engaging in data analytics.

So these are considered the must-haves, and most of the attendees in the room aren’t yet participating. How many could your organization “raise your hand” to utilizing? All five? Three? None?

These are the basics these days. And that’s just from a platform and infrastructure standpoint. In order to maximize these, you also need to be thinking about who are those individuals who can help take you to the next iteration in healthcare marketing. You need to have people in healthcare marketing that can perform like they do outside the industry in a retail setting.

Healthcare marketing needs customer intelligence, we need to mine the intelligence and we need to help the organization alleviate pain points and then get to conversion.  And once we get the organization as a whole to understand that marketing leads to conversion and ROI, we have a stronger voice at the table to get the resources and support we need to really help the organization grow strategically.