Using Measurement to Achieve Effective Business Outcomes

“Our data showed us that our marketing expense was outpacing our sales, and our rate of customer acquisition was declining at the same time, ultimately, driving the wrong outcomes for our business. To combat this, we first had to look internally and put the customer at the center of our decision-making,” explained Nordstrom’s VP of Marketing, Digital, and Enterprise Data Jason Gowans when discussing the importance of measurement.

In a recent Think with Google piece, “You can’t achieve the right business outcomes without the right measurement,” Gowans  describes how Nordstrom organized their brand around the customer experience. Many of the issues they worked to resolve are strikingly similar to changes happening (or needing to happen) in healthcare marketing today:

  • Ditch the Silos
  • Let Measurement Signals Lead the Way
  • The Importance of Good Judgement
  • Reorganizing Around the Customer.

Check it out!

Image: Think with Google