Using Measurement to Achieve Effective Business Outcomes

“Our data showed us that our marketing expense was outpacing our sales, and our rate of customer acquisition was declining at the same time, ultimately, driving the wrong outcomes for our business. To combat this, we first had to look internally and put the customer at the center of our decision-making,” explained Nordstrom’s VP of… Read More

In Case You Missed It

Corrigan Consulting President and CEO Brian Whitman hosted Banner Health’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing Chris Pace in our webinar, “Innovating Healthcare Marketing in a Technology-Driven World.” If you were unable to attend, we invite you to check out the webinar recording in its entirety. Additionally, webinar participants were given a link to our most… Read More

Adapting to the Evolving Healthcare Landscape

“Strategic thinking is not the domain of any one particular individual or discipline. Rather, it is a critical skill for all healthcare leaders. Healthcare strategists—including planners, marketers, communicators, physician strategists, and business developers—play a central role in helping their organizations manage the constant and complex forces of change to both shape and successfully execute the… Read More

Efficiency Is an Obsession

Four out of five consumers say they typically switch between online search and video when researching products to buy. “Efficiency is an obsession for performance marketers. We’re always looking for new ways to do more with less, making sure we’re investing our resources in the channels that are most effective for our business,” said David… Read More

Building Teams: Performance and Potential

Does your marketing team have the right people in the right roles with the right attitude? When was the last time you objectively evaluated your team? Corrigan Consulting Executive Vice President Carla Bryant and Arkansas Children’s Vice President of Strategic Marketing Jeff House co-presented at SHSMD Connections 2019 this week. Within their presentation, they discussed… Read More

Five Things that Must Be in Your Marketing Stack TODAY

This past May at the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit, Corrigan President and CEO Brian Whitman presented “Innovate Your Marketing in a Technology-Driven World” alongside Ochsner Health’s Brittany Graffagnini and Banner Health’s Chris Pace. Within the presentation was a slide with Five Things that Must Be in Your Marketing Stack TODAY. From a marketing… Read More

Does Your Technology Team Have a Seat at the Table?

“With so many options for shoppers to consider, every brand needs to do more than simply keep pace with customers and competitors. Your company must be in the places and on the platforms your shoppers are headed next…versatility matters. And the only way to stay versatile is by embracing new technologies.” This quote from Choice… Read More

Facts and Stats: the Importance of Customer Service

While doing research for a client recently, we stumbled across this creative and fun – yet worthwhile – article from Help Scout, 75 Customer Service Facts, Quotes & Statistics. Within it you’ll find useful information to help sell your case for marketing efforts toward an improved customer experience (in addition to simply discussing your HCAHPS… Read More

Search: Healthcare Near Me

“If people are searching for something near them, that’s a pretty strong signal of intent,” says Google’s VP of Marketing for the Americas Lisa Gevelber in a recent Think with Google piece. According to the article, in the past two years there has been a 500% growth in mobile searches combining “near me” and a… Read More

Alexa, Are You Listening?

Amazon isn’t known for getting into an industry and doing what existing companies are doing. They innovate. They get creative. They utilize pioneering methods to disrupt an existing industry. With healthcare being a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and ripe for transformation, it’s no wonder Amazon is jumping into the mix. Late last year, the Forum for Healthcare Strategists posted… Read More