The Journey to CRM: 7 Key Points to Consider

We’re not the marketers we were ten years ago. We’re taking the tools we have in front of us and are constructing them to be more targeted. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the foundation for the way we’ll do marketing in the future…and the future is now. CRM is not a tool or a vendor… Read More

Six Trends in Healthcare Content Marketing for 2019

In reviewing several recent posts from non-healthcare publications, I began to consider, what should we expect in the content marketing world for healthcare marketing for 2019? The world of content marketing is rapidly changing. As healthcare marketers, it is important that we have focus and consider the trends that other businesses will also experience. First,… Read More

Leveraging Facebook Groups for your Health System, Hospital or Medical Group

As a CMO or other valued member of your healthcare marketing team, we venture you’re intimately familiar with using Facebook pages as part of your social media strategy. But what about Facebook groups? Not yet? Let’s look at some new opportunities. Facebook groups can take your health system, hospital or medical group to the next… Read More

Meet Your New Competitor…Amazon

Amazon isn’t known for getting into an industry and doing what existing companies are doing. They innovate. They get creative. They utilize pioneering methods to disrupt an existing industry. With healthcare being a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and ripe for transformation, it’s no wonder Amazon is jumping into the mix. In October, the Forum for Healthcare Strategists… Read More

Block by Block

As healthcare strategists and marketers, we know building awareness and engagement campaigns targeted to unique population segments (e.g., gender, age, service line) increases the odds of connecting potential consumers with our providers. But are you aware that we can now drill-down and create segments based on health outcome measures on a neighborhood level – even… Read More

Listening to What Your Customers are Saying

What are your patients saying about you or your health system? Where are they saying it? What are they saying on Facebook? Twitter? Have you considered an ethnographic study to find out? With the help of our business partner Feedback, Corrigan Consulting completed an online behavioral study around cancer patient online behaviors. The objective of… Read More

Price Transparency a Must

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 67 percent of Americans worry about unexpected medical bills. This beats out worry over the cost of rent, food, gas, prescription drugs and insurance deductibles. And according to an NBC News health report, four in ten people have received an unexpectedly high bill for healthcare in the… Read More

3 Tips for Physician Practices to Manage and Protect Their Online Reputation

When is the last time you Googled your own practice? Do you know what patients (or potential patients) are saying about you? Have you responded to any of the comments? Are your business hours correct or are they even listed? Are your special areas of expertise provided? Here you’ll find three tips to help you… Read More

Future Thinking at SMASH

Corrigan Consulting’s President and CEO Brian Whitman will be co-presenting “Future Thinking: Designing a Brand-Based Roadmap for Your Company’s Future Success” at this year’s Senior Care Sales & Marketing Summit, SMASH 2018, in Chicago, IL, October 1-3. Brian’s co-presenter is Katie Roper, a principal at Catenary Consulting, and founding VP of Sales and Marketing for… Read More

The Verdict Is In: the Best Place for Marketing to Report Is… (Part 2)

So in my last blog, I left you hanging a bit. I told you the “verdict is in” but then left you to dwell on the possibilities of where Marketing truly belongs. I’ll now explore each of those areas for you and offer some key takeaways for use in planning. Let’s take a moment to… Read More