Playing the Match Game: How to Successfully Select a CRM Vendor Partner | Part 1: Getting Started

This is a three-part blog to educate and assist you in successfully choosing a CRM vendor partner. Part 1 covers the basics of CRM and getting started. Part 2 will focus on preparing your organization for finding a partner, identifying what to look for in a CRM partner and understanding the wide array of vendor… Read More

Winning on Customer Experience.

Customer experience is now a C-suite priority for healthcare organizations as greater competition, demands for information transparency, and growing consumer power are forcing providers to seek new sources of competitive differentiation. Yet many struggle to define, design and deliver valued customer experiences (beyond HCAHPS) that drive brand differentiation and customer loyalty. Join me at the… Read More

Are Healthcare Consumers Patients or Customers?

In my tenure as a marketer, providers have debated whether healthcare consumers are patients or customers. Many doctors, board members and even executives will flinch at the term “customer” – especially those that perceive healthcare as more altruistic compared to commercial business – and never refer to patients as such. Here’s the reality. Healthcare consumers… Read More

The DNA of a Successful Healthcare Marketing Plan

Just as DNA holds the code for how we develop and function as humans, a comprehensive strategic marketing plan contains information essential for healthcare marketing decisions and achieving healthy returns on marketing investments. Rather than chasing trends and oiling the squeakiest wheel, a well-researched, coordinated and measurable approach allows you to build a strategic roadmap… Read More