The Verdict Is In: the Best Place for Marketing to Report Is…

My first job was a foreshadowing of what I was to experience as a Healthcare Marketing professional.  The good news:  I was hired as the Program Director, reported to the Executive Director and had responsibility for Strategy, Program Development, Media and Public Relations, Board and Volunteer Development, Fundraising, and Community Education. The bad news: it… Read More

Brand Journalism: An Immersion Experience

Shameless plug time. We know this isn’t typical blog fodder, but we’re incredibly excited about our upcoming day-and-a-half Studio Intensive this fall in Hartford, CT. We’re eager to share what is sure to be an amazing experience with healthcare executives and rising healthcare executives. Gone are the days when news releases and press conferences were… Read More

How Social Is Your Hospital Facebook Page? Three Tips to Maximize Effectiveness

When was the last time you did a wellness check on your Facebook page? Performing an annual in-depth review of your page insights, content focus, and strengths and weaknesses will shine a powerful light on what is and isn’t working. However, performing the following three activities on a weekly basis will maximize the value of… Read More

Maternal Mortality Rates Continue to Rise in U.S.

Last week, USA Today released a sobering investigative report, “Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren’t doing it.” Each year, more than 50,000 American women are severely injured giving birth and about 700 mothers die. The best estimates say that half of these deaths could be prevented and half the injuries reduced or eliminated with better care. And… Read More

Coaching Healthcare Providers to Best Service Experience

Service as an indicator of quality for reimbursement, and in an era of increased consumerism, will be a key part of any health system’s brand identity and affiliation. In terms of patient experience, it’s necessary to create a culture of service for every touch point within the system – including and especially with providers. Read our… Read More

Does Marketing Have a Place in Healthcare?

Why is it every time you walk down the hallway and pass by someone, you feel that you are someone on the outside looking in? Or that seemingly genuinely caring people are trying to flat out ignore you? Did you leave food on your face, or do you have a rip in your clothes? No, that… Read More

Do You Do Video?

As the father of three kids in the 18-to 24-year-old category, the Pew Research Center statistic that 94% of them utilize YouTube resonates strongly with me. As video is becoming the leading format of communication on the internet, the need to incorporate digital video marketing into any marketing and communications plan is becoming more and… Read More

Ready to Launch? Check Again.

As marketers, we get excited about launching new campaigns to reach new consumers and attract new patients. The creative is fresh and compelling; the media buy is brilliant. But are you really ready?  Will your brand deliver the experience it promises to create through communication? If not, maybe you’re not ready to launch. A client… Read More

Right Message, Right Time…and on the Audience’s Terms

“Knowing when your audience is most receptive, those moments when you can really capture someone’s attention or change their mind, and then meeting them there with the right message: that’s the next frontier.” – Laura Beaudin, Partner, Bain & Company Are you meeting your audience/customers/patients at their most receptive time? And when you meet them… Read More

Are You Building a Digital Savvy Team?

In the coming year, 82% of CMOs are expecting to increase their digital media budgets, whereas only 30% said they are expecting to increase their traditional media budgets. While these results represent for-profit industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods and the like, the implications are clear across all industries. The “CMOs’ Most Important Media… Read More