Marketing Operations and Performance

Build a High Performing Healthcare Marketing Operation
As healthcare marketing moves from MarCom to MarTech, executives must consider structure, functions, capabilities and teams. As we shift toward an evidence-based approach, do you have what it takes to help create a high-performing healthcare organization? Corrigan Consulting can help.

We can assist you in assessing your marketing department structure, capabilities and skills by:

  • Assessing the current state of your marketing department.
  • Advising on the structure and investments required to create a future-ready, high-performing team.
  • Integrating your marketing structures to support multi-hospital, multi-divisional, and/or multi-market health systems.

Corrigan Consulting can help with your team in the areas of:

  • Team alignment and commitment to your organization’s growth.
  • Team structure and the tools to drive patient acquisition, retention and financial outcomes.
  • Preparing your team to be fluent and conversant in the language of digital marketing.
  • Equipping your team to be ready for the competitive dynamics of healthcare reform.
  • Operating at peak performance.

Our comprehensive process will provide you with recommendations for:

  • Marketing organization redesign, operating structure, staffing and skills.
  • Marketing infrastructure requirements (e.g. call center, CRM, PRM, digital marketing, etc.).
  • Marketing analysis, strategic marketing planning, investments, monitoring and the all-important ROI.
  • Marketing resource allocation and budget modeling.
  • Marketing performance audits, team skills assessments, job descriptions.