Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC)

Connect with Amazing People in Healthcare and Digital Marketing at 2019’s Greystone.Net HCIC! Be sure to join Corrigan Consulting’s Executive Vice President Carla Bryant as she co-presents “Applying Retail Norms to Accelerate Digital Transformation” with Stephanie Boccarossa, Director of Marketing Technology at Arkansas Children’s.

Like many across the country, Arkansas Children’s struggled with the integration of digital marketing beyond the web and SEM. As a traditional MarCom shop, Arkansas Children’s was challenged by organizational culture, marketing team skill sets and resource constraints. Hear how they have successfully transformed to a strategic, data-driven, digital marketing division generating impact in all aspects of the organization including research, patient acquisition and recruitment in just nine months by infusing retail concepts and constructs.

See Carla and Stephanie on Wednesday, November 6, as part of the Digital Strategy & Planning Sessions at this year’s HCIC.


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