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Innovate Your Healthcare Marketing in a Tech-Driven World

As digital technologies such as marketing automation, chatbots, and voice-enabled search continue to advance, how should your healthcare system prioritize and organize your marketing resources and team for customer acquisition, engagement and retention? Learn more in our white paper on innovating your marketing in a tech-driven world – including case studies from Ochsner Health System and… Read More

Coaching Healthcare Providers to Best Service Experience

Service as an indicator of quality for reimbursement, and in an era of increased consumerism, will be a key part of your health system’s brand identity and affiliation. Coaching Healthcare Providers to Best Service Experience looks at the strategies employed at EvergreenHealth to make every patient feel like the only patient – specifically as it relates to provider… Read More

Branding Service in Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare systems need to ask themselves, “What would I do if my business depended solely on the service experience?” Branding Service in Healthcare looks at the strategies employed at EvergreenHealth to make every patient feel like the only patient.   Read More

How to Convert Data into Intelligence

Three Lessons to Discovering Real Insight In the healthcare industry, data is used and it’s used often. But does your organization use it well? Corrigan Consulting’s Executive Vice President Allison Cooper shares three lessons for better communicating data findings to help organizations engage in change. Her white paper, How to Convert Data into Intelligence, covers the… Read More

Spiral Thinking: A Catalyst for Innovative Customer Experiences

It is a disruptive time for healthcare – new competitors, new innovations, new operating partnership and models, a more discerning customer base and new revenue models and requirements have drastically changed the way we will do business. To be competitive, healthcare systems are going to need to change how they differentiate their products and services… Read More

Cancer Patients–An Online Behavioral Study

Feedback and Corrigan Consulting recently completed online research on the Consumer Decision Process, Online Support Forums and Key Influencers of Cancer patients seeking/selecting a health care provider. The objective of the study was to understand the consumer community landscape online with four key questions: • Where do existing and potential patients discuss Cancer services? • What are… Read More

The Science of Healthcare Marketing

Technology has transformed business processes in nearly every industry – and few disciplines have been disrupted more by technology than that of marketing. Change is hard. But underestimating the speed, magnitude, and impact of change driven by technology, science, and empowered consumers will create problems that are even harder to fix. This article was originally… Read More

What Kind of Marketing Organization is Your Health System?

Marketing management systems differ from health system to health system. Some are expansive, core business functions with strong growth accountabili­ties, others are configured functionally to support the development and deployment of marketing tactics, and still others have not evolved from those early days when marketing relied on a narrow set of tools to promote programs… Read More