Spiral Thinking: A Catalyst for Innovative Customer Experiences

It is a disruptive time for healthcare – new competitors, new innovations, new operating partnership and models, a more discerning customer base and new revenue models and requirements have drastically changed the way we will do business. To be competitive, healthcare systems are going to need to change how they differentiate their products and services in a commoditized market. A focus on developing a branded experience that engages new customers, delivers on an organizational promise and
is supported by employee base that views themselves as brand ambassadors has an opportunity to break through and innovate. Through a process of defining the brand, and utilizing ‘dreamscaping’ to imagine and define a branded experience, organizations like Holy Redeemer Health System are activating new experiences and enabling a new future. Using this process to align products and services, build new facilities, and hire and train staff to a new branded cultural experience is exactly what Holy Redeemer is doing.

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